About Us

Our Commitment:

Nurturaa Care goes beyond being a mere business; it embodies a steadfast dedication to the welfare of families. Our dedicated team of professionals, consisting of nutritionists, healthcare experts, and parenting coaches, is propelled by the aspiration to transform motherhood and parenthood into joyous and enriching journeys.

The Vision of the Company

At Nurturaa Health Tech Pvt Ltd, our vision is deeply rooted in the transformation of the journey of motherhood and parenthood. Our unwavering belief in the potency of holistic care drives our mission revolves around reshaping the approach families take towards health and well-being. We envision a world where every mother and baby is bestowed with the attention, support, and guidance they rightfully deserve. This vision transcends traditional boundaries, as we harness technology to bridge gaps and provide accessible, expertise-driven solutions. By amalgamating personalized nutrition strategies, pregnancy care, and innovative technologies, our aim is to cultivate an environment where families flourish.

Nurturaa Health Tech Pvt Ltd isn't just a mere company; it's a movement towards fostering healthier and happier families. Our commitment is resolute in bringing life into this vision, one nurturing step at a time.


Greetings and a warm welcome to Nurturaa Care! I am delighted to introduce the narrative of our journey and purpose.

As the CEO and founder, my personal experience ignited the spark for creating a platform that focuses on holistic well-being of both mothers and babies. This voyage commenced when I encountered the challenges and uncertainties inherent in motherhood. It was during this juncture that the concept for Nurturaa Care took shape - an avenue that extends comprehensive support to mothers and babies, encompassing aspects like nutrition and prenatal care.

My background in healthcare and my fervor for empowering individuals motivated me to establish this amalgamation of e-commerce and service-driven enterprise. A dedicated team of experts and professionals accompany us, and we are steadfast in our commitment to render exceptional services tailored to the distinct requisites of mothers and babies throughout the pivotal stages of pregnancy and early childhood.


MR. Bharadwaj is the visionary co-founder of Nurturaa Health Tech Pvt Ltd. With an intense passion for health, wellness, and innovation, Bharadwaj brings forth a distinctive amalgamation of expertise and empathy to our team.

Bharadwaj has a rich background in product management. His venture into the realm of maternal and child health sprouted from a profound determination to effect positive change in the lives of mothers and babies. Having personally seen the challenges of parenthood, Bharadwaj approaches his role with empathy and an intimate grasp of the aspirations and requirements of families.

Guided by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Bharadwaj has played a pivotal role in steering the strategic trajectory of Nurturaa Health Tech Pvt Ltd. Their conception for our company transcends to provide services to create a holistic ecosystem that nurtures and empowers mothers and babies throughout their journeys. Their commitment to innovation is vividly manifested in our state-of-the-art solutions, seamlessly integrating technology into the domain of maternal and child health.

As a co-founder, Bharadwaj stands as the impetus propelling our commitment to tailored care and transformative well-being. Their leadership plays an indispensable role in upholding Nurturaa Health Tech Pvt Ltd remains at the forefront of the industry, ceaselessly adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs of families.

Join Us in this Beautiful Journey

At Nurturaa Care, we invite you to be a part in our mission to empower motherhood and parenthood through the lens of well-being. Whether you're an expectant mother in search of guidance or a parent seeking dependable resources, we are here and stand by you at every juncture.

We extend our gratitude for considering Nurturaa Care as your trusted partner in this incredible journey.

Warm regards,
Dhaneesha Meduri

Bharath Satyan


Dhaneesha Meduri

Founder And CEO

Dr Pavani Muthpuru